BCU Membership Policy

Based on bylaws Article 2 Section 1, the annual membership fee is $20.00 and also it is determined by the general meeting of January 9, 2016.

Categories of Members

1. Active Member

An active member, is an individual who has active membership with BCU has paid $20, has both responsibilities and rights towards the organization. S/he has a mandatory duty to attend meetings, attend events and programs, has legal rights to questions, participate in voting and give candidacy for the boards and officer position. An active member receives the first priority for any opportunity available with the organization.

2. Non-Active Member

A non-active member, is an individual doesn't have active membership with BCU, has no any mandatory obligations and rights with the organization, but can give presence/audience during community events and programs.

Purpose of Membership

The purpose of making and being BCU membership is to promote and realizing the mission and vision of BCU and instilling a sense of responsibility, rights and benefits for the members.

Criteria (Who can be a member of BCU)

a. All Bhutanese above 18 years can be a member of BCU, however, below 18 can be members under an active member’s guardianship.

b. An Active member is s/he who has paid annual membership fee.

c. Membership expires when stopped paying membership fee.

d. Any Bhutanese desiring to serve community needs to have active membership, submit BCI, signed Code of Conduct and Nondisclosure forms.

Advantages of being membership with BCU

a. To vote and give candidacy for the Board election.

b. Active members are accessed to BCU opportunities (Education, Training, Workshop and community events).

c. Active members have rights to put check and balance on board members and question on budget.

d. Active members have opportunities to be hired to the position available within BCU based on the job advertisement and selection criteria of the hiring committee.

e. Active members can claim mileage reimbursements for providing transportation to the community families to workshop and meetings and also can get reimbursed for any fees paid for training.

Duties and Responsibilities of BCU Member

a. Every active member is abided by the policy guidelines, rules and regulations as mentioned in the BCU Bylaws.

b. Attend regular general meetings and participate in the decision making of community program development.

c. Every active member should read and understand BCU Bylaws and implement effectively.

d. Every active member should promote/respect BCU vision and mission.

e. Every active member should keep himself or herself update with the ongoing activities and take action to the decisions made that benefit its members.

f. Every active member is expected to protect BCU properties respect BCU logo and not permissible to misuse, they are to be used for the common purposes.

g. Every active member is expected to respect each other’s dignity, privacy and opinions irrespective of castes, colors, creed, religious, cultural and ethnic backgrounds.

h. Every active member is responsible for the dissemination of right information at the right time and it will be against the state laws and Bylaws to instigate others against BCU and its members.

ID Card and Use

a. BCU will issue membership ID card valid for one year and will be renewed by last week of December after verifying activeness of membership.

b. Every active member is expected to use ID card during BCU events and official purposes.

c. However, ID card will not be used for personal purpose and market place.

d. The ID card will only be used by its name bearer owner.

Membership Termination

The termination of membership from BCU is all governed by the provisions of BCU Bylaws Article 2 Section 3.

Officers and changes must be approved by the Executive Board Officers.

Ryam Neupane signed

Jaga Adhikari signed

Tek Neopany signed

Bishnu Osti signed

Kubir Acharya signed

Puspa Gautam signed

Bhim Subba signed

Effectve April 01, 2016